Getting Python and Cygwin running on a Windows Machine

0) enthought Python distribution

This seems like a good approach but I couldn’t get it to install

1) General info

How to Set Up a Python Development Environment on Windows


2) A good IDE: Sublime text:


3) Installing curl for downloading from internet

For installing curl after an initial cygwin installation

How do I install cURL on cygwin?

Scroll down for how to do this from the windows command line and within cygwin; note that the name of the cygwin installer might vary from what is listed in teh answer.


4)Add python to you path:  Go to Control Panel, System, Advanced system settings, click on Environment Variables, click on Path, ad something like “;C:Python27”.  See Haddock and Dunn Practical computing for biologists  pg 456 for more details.

4)Install; uses wget


On getting scipy

Installing SciPy, NumPy and matplotlib Under Cygwin


extracting tarballs



Information on pip, which is installed for me automatically


On installing setup tools


On wheel files .whl


This looks useful:

Getting to Know the Command Line



This looks useful

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