Andrew Gelman: probably one of most well known stats bloggers.  Hates frequentist concepts like “Type I error.”  Some people think he’s a hater/troll.

Frequentists (or related)

Deborah Mayo: Error statistics: committed defender of frequentists approaches; promotes an updated version involving “severe testing.”

Data Colada: coined term “p-hacking”; major player in reproducibility topics.  Uses frequentist approaches to show the problems with p-values.

Scientist Sees Squires: Committed frequentist ecologist; blogs on stats related stuff fairly regularly, among many other interesting things.

Data Science

Simply Statistics: (I believe biologists; covers issues of general stats interests)

Mad (Data) Science

Ecologists: Dynamic Ecology stats blog posts

Dynamic Ecology covers a wide range of topics and frequently discusses issues of stats and reproducibility.

Megan Duffy

Jeremy Fox:

Brian McGill

Other Ecology



Visualization & Plotting

Software Publishers

  • Minitab: Looks good but I have not read; many topics look related to issues encountered in manufacturing.

Stats Consultants


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